Frequently Asked Questions

Some helpful information, when considering windshield repair

Is windshield rock chip repair really free?

A: Rock chip repair is paid in your monthly premium to your insurance company whether you use the service or not.  So, yes, if you choose to have Clear Point Windshield Repair fix your windshield chips, you will NOT be billed an additional amount if you have comprehensive coverage on your vehicle in most cases.

Will this “rock chip repair” claim increase my current insurance premiums?

NO,  “rock chip repair” will not increase your current insurance premiums.  Your insurance company wants you to fix the chips so you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a replacement windshield.

How long does rock chip repair take?

The entire process usually takes less than 12 minutes.

Is rock chip repair cheaper than full replacement?

Yes.  Rock chip repair is a fraction of the cost of what a full windshield replacement would cost.

Does Clear Point Windshield Repair’s “Lifetime Warranty” really mean lifetime, or is it like all the other “lifetime warranties”, and doesn’t really mean anything at all???

YES! Clear Point Windshield Repair’s lifetime warranty REALLY means lifetime.  We warranty our repairs 100% for the life of the windshield we repair. If one of our repairs ever fails, bring it back for a full replacement on us!!